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Need to evict a tenant for non-payment of rent?


We're ready to help. Let our staff lower your costs, save you time, and relieve you of aggravation during the bureaucratic process.

Our eviction service may be what you need.  We can take care of the 3 day notice to vacate or pay up, file Summons to evict, Writ of possession, court appearances and/or meet Sheriff at property for Writ of Possession and/or change locks (call for fees).

Eviction services available with LEE COUNTY COURTS.

Rental property in Collier County?  Call for rates as they differ.

Same day service available.  Call for further details...

Fort Myers Property Manager at 239-245-7203, or email your questions to 


There are 4 steps to Evict a tenant:

1. Post visibly 3-Day Notice of Eviction ($50.00). Wait 3 business days for response or payment.  If none, go to Step 2.

2. File Petition to Evict at Lee County Clerk of Courts. ($135 fee + $205 filing fees; $50 per each additional person on Lease)

3. Court appearance for Judgment, if applicable ($50.00)

4. Writ of Possession ($60 for filing & $90 for Sheriff $150.00)

Documents needed:

1. Ledger Balance owed (rent only)

2. Lease Agreement

3. Specific Power of Attorney; Notarized (form provided)

Eviction can take up to 1-2 months.  Why wait another day? Give us a call at: 239-245-7203 or

Post 3-day Notice on premises ($50)

The cost of our service is $135.00 plus costs for the filing of the 5 day eviction complaint and uncontested cases only!

For Lee County the total is $380.00 for one tenant on lease.  $50.00 more for each additional tenant mentioned in lease documents.

We are not attorneys. We provide full-service real estate property management services throughout Lee and Collier Counties.   We are limited to only handling uncontested eviction cases only!  If the tenant secures an attorney, we advise the landlord to obtain one!

Have an eviction in Collier County?  Please call us for pricing and details.




Q: When should I contact you to post the 3-day notice for non-payment of rent?


A: Based on the lease agreement, most leases state that if rent is 4 or 5 days late, a 3 day written notice may be legally posted.  The tenant has 3 business days (holidays and weekends excluded) to either pay any past due rent before the lease can be deemed terminated.


Q:  Can an eviction be filed even if I do not have a written lease agreement?

A: Yes.  Verbal agreements are enforceable


A property manager may handle an eviction as long as it remains an uncontested case.


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